Cameron Diaz Wouldn’t Kiss Jay Chou in “The Green Hornet”

Cameron Diaz as Lenore in “The Green Hornet” image copyright Columbia Pictures

My review of “The Green Hornet” is coming out in today’s issue of the Nichi Bei Weekly. I largely liked the film a whole lot more than most critics. From an API representation perspective, it was somewhat groundbreaking, though it stops short of doing something revolutionary.

From the review:

“The film even seems like it’s about to put Kato together with Lenore (Cameron Diaz). He’s charming and he genuinely listens to and cares for her and she shows a good deal of interest in him… But again, it inexplicable drops this idea. There’s no real explanation given for Lenore initially appearing to be interested in Kato and then her interest suddenly disappearing. “

Upon editing the piece, Alec MacDonald sent me an article with the following quote from director Michel Gondry:

“We wanted Jay to kiss Cameron but I think she didn’t want to because she felt the story would lead to a complexity she didn’t want to deal with,” Gondry said yesterday in an interview with the media at St Regis Hotel.”

I don’t want to denounce someone as racist without having all the facts. (People are really sensitive about being called racist, subject for another post.) But still “a complexity she didn’t want to deal with? What the hell does that mean? Awful fishy to me… thoughts?

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  1. It’s not that she’s racist.

    In reality, Jay Chou is Cameron Diaz’s secret love child. Don’t forget, you heard it here first.

  2. It’s not because she’s racist.

    It’s because US Mainstream can’t handle an Asian Guy kissing a White girl. And Cameron Diaz was just following what mainstream wants. Or, Jay Chou didn’t want to kiss Cameron Diaz because she’s taller than him. Who knows?!

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