Hard luck Himiko



By Komako Sakai (New York: Arthur A. Levine Books, 2010, 40 pp., $16.99, paperback)

Do you remember feeling angry with your mother? This little picture book tells the story of a bunny who is angry with his mom. She doesn’t let him watch cartoons. She always tells him to hurry up, yet she keeps him waiting while she talks with other adults. She is late picking him up at school. She forgets to wash his clothes. She always sleeps late. Oh my!

The bunny sits at the kitchen table while his mother is still in bed. He tells her that he’s going to run away. He leaves. Mother rabbit sits up in bed. The bunny appears in the doorway asking, “Mommy, did you miss me?”

He dives into his mother’s bed as she answers, “So much.”

This sweet story has pastel illustrations, very few words, but nonetheless, it tells a story that should strike a chord with most children. The author, Komako Sakai, has a previous book titled “The Snow Day.”

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