March 2024 – Home and Garden Show


Thursday, March 21, 2024, 6 p.m. on the Nichi Bei Foundation Facebook and YouTube channels

This Month’s Menu will feature Home and Garden stories from around the Japanese/Japanese American community.

The Menu

On this month’s “Nichi Bei Café” episode, Home & Garden, we visit well known gardens and maybe some unknown facts you may not know about. We also offer a Spring Hanami favorite from Chef Kota – Yokisoba. Ittadakimasu!

0:02:21 Pastries: • Japanese Tea Garden in SF’s Golden Gate Park

0:09:16 Salad / Sides: • Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center and Garden in Philadelphia

0:17:00 Chef Special: • 320-year-old Shoya House in The Huntington

0:26:39 Dessert: • Kota’s Kitchen — Yakisoba

0:34:55 News Bites:

Kinmon Gakuen receives funding for renovations Day of Remembrance recap: – Northern California Time of Remembrance – Bay Area Day of Remembrance in SF – San Jose Day of Remembrance – Los Angeles Day of Remembrance KOHO open house and film festival Films of Remembrance

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